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For Malls & Retail Stores

The Vibe Kiosk Engine recommends products in physical environments like malls and retail stores. Vibe Kiosk Engine allows you to drive traffic to remote or under-trafficed locations, share in advertising revenues and update mall directories on a real-time basis.


Key Features

  • Personalized Product Recommendations: Work for both mission-oriented and window-shopping customers.
  • Up-Sells Across Categories: Matches and up-sells ensemble offerings.
  • Advertisement Placements: Advertising frequency and placements are customizable.
  • Free Memberships: Shoppers can get a free Vibe Personality Profile and Membership for use at any participating Vibe Retailer.
  • Shop for Others: Find a Gift Registry or Profile a Friend to get gift recommendations.
  • Retailer Listing System: Tenant retailers can list feature products through a secure online system.
  • Personalized Coupon Printing: Print coupons complete with location maps to drive shoppers to remote locations.
  • Mall Directory Maps: Optimize the use of public areas and make directory updates easier.
  • Skinable Interface: Customize the look and feel your Vibe Kiosk Engine with your retail brand(s).

Ad-Share Pricing Model
Vibe Kiosk Engines are available through an advertising share model in which store/mall, advertising broker, kiosk provider and Vibe share in net advertising revenues. Want to partner? Contact Us

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