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Vibe® Technology Overview

Vibe® Technology is a patent-pending merchandising methodology that matches personal growth and style-enhancing products to individual shoppers.

A Product Recommendation Engine
Today’s online shoppers are faced with an overload of product information. Vibe® Technology solves this problem by personalizing merchandising presentations to make shopping more relevant, fun and truly all about the shopper. Vibe also addresses the following:

  • Solves Too Many Products in Too Little Space: Vibe® Engines easily cut through myriads of products to present the most relevant products to individual shoppers. Vibe works in all retail environments including websites, in-store kiosks and even small screen formats such as cell phones.
  • Makes “Discovery” Browsing Possible: While existing web-based browsing technologies are generally great at drill-down or “mission-based” shopping (i.e., when a shopper has a predefined notion of what she is looking for), true “discovery” browsing or “window-shopping” (where a shopper seeks inspiration) is relatively undeveloped on the Internet. The value of discovery browsing is evident through traditional bricks & mortar case studies that illustrate the importance of inspiration or discovery shopping as a means of stimulating trial of new products, facilitating the merchandising of up-sell products and extending the shopping experience.
  • Makes Cross-Category Up-Selling Possible: Vibe generates customer profiles that are “ubiquitous” which means that shoppers can be matched to multiple products including unrelated brands, categories and even across cultures.

Formulated for Personal Growth & Style-Enhancing Products
Vibe® Technology is designed to match personal growth and style-enhancing products (which includes mosts retail products). Example categories include apparel, accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, makeup, fragrances, home furnishings, house wares, homes, cars, travel destinations, restaurants, drinks, books, tapes and seminars: in short, the Vibe® System is well-suited to merchandise any offering that is purchased in whole or in part to enhance a person’s story. Moreover, the Vibe® System is particularly appropriate for web-based retailer with large inventories.

A Psycho-Graphic Matching System
The Vibe® System maps unique psycho-graphic aspiration data to generate relevant product recommendations. For more on psycho-graphics, see Vibe® Theory.

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