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The Vibe® Process

The Vibe® System uses psycho-graphic profiling techniques to generate personalized product recommendations. More specifically, Vibe® Engines map a shopper’s cognitive growth aspirations to create a personal brand profile then use proprietary algorithms to match pre-profiled products that help achieve the shopper’s aspirations. Here’s how it works:

  • Product Profiling: The Vibe® Process begins with the profiling of individual products. Products are assessed on key psycho-graphic dimensions as well as in typical retail category variables. Vibe staff or your product-aware personnel like designers, buyers or marketers/merchandisers can create profiles. To make profiling fast and easy, the Vibe® One-Click Rating System allows Raters to create a product’s profile with a single click system by assuming one of a number of pre-set personality arch-types. Once products are profiled, the Vibe® Automated Learning System integrates consumer opinion and behavior over time to perfect profiles.
  • Shopper Profiling: As shoppers use Vibe® Engines, “proxy” shopper profiles are auto-generated by assimilating metadata of viewed product profiles. Alternatively, shoppers are invited to directly take a 24 question Vibe® Personality Test to create a direct personal profile.
  • Matching Algorithms: The Vibe® System employs proprietary algorithms and profile data to match relevant personal growth and style-enhancing products to individual shoppers.

System Deployment
Vibe® Engines are modular plug-ins designed to be embedded into any web-based environment including websites and mobile applications.

  • Custom Brand-Skinning: Vibe® Engines are designed to assume the look and feel of your brand in HTML, Flash or any other interface technology.
  • Centralized Data Hosting: The Vibe® System hosts profile content at a centralized location to enable retail partnering and cross merchandising across product categories.
  • Real-Time Content Delivery: The Vibe® System generates real-time dynamic product recommendations and is designed to handle the world’s most trafficked websites.
  • Implementation, Maintenance & Service: Vibe offers a range of development and integration services on an as-needed basis. Vibe System Licenses include maintenance and support services.

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