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Vibe® Shopping Widgets

Vibe® Widgets match products to shoppers through a unique personality test. This system empowers retailers through providing information about and making referrals in the field of consumer products and services for retail products and services that match consumer preferences based on an online personality test. The system also provides temporary use of non-downloadable online predictive marketing software to help shoppers enhance their personal brands.

In a nutshell, as shoppers click on products, items with similar personal brand-building properties are presented. Vibe® Widgets are unique in that they merchandise up-sell “ensemble” products across unrelated categories. Designed as modular plug-ins, Vibe® Widgets can be placed into any web-based format including websites and mobile applications.

Key Features

  • Discovery Shopping: Shoppers can be inspired by and explore products that will enhance their personal brand.
  • Mission Shopping: Shoppers can do traditional “drill-down” browsing.
  • Cross-Category Merchandising: Retailers can present ensemble products that match or enhance primary product recommendations.
  • Built-in Loyalty Program: Shoppers can elect to save Vibe® Profiles to get future best-match recommendations.
  • Shop for Others: Shoppers can profile friends or use a Gift Registry to get relevant gift recommendations.
  • Direct to Your Shopping Cart: Purchase actions are fed directly to your order uptake and fulfillment system.
  • Skinable Widgets: Customize the look and feel of your Widgets in HTML, Flash or any other interface technology.
  • Back-End Utilities: Vibe® Technology includes One-Click Profiling, Profile Learning and Analytics Systems.

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