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What Makes Vibe Special?

The Vibe® System delivers personal branding and product relevancy knowledge. Through this knowledge-based approach to shopping, the Vibe® System:

  • Increases Sales & Reduce Returns
  • Increases Search Efficiency
  • Enables Cross-Category Selling
  • Expands Market Reach
  • Sells to Untrackable Shoppers
  • Enlists Customers to Market for You
  • Increases Purchasing Confidence
  • Improves Customer Loyalty
  • Enhances Your Brand
  • Gathers Unique Data
  • Creates Unprecedented Recommendation Accuracy
  • Increases Sales & Reduce Returns
    Shoppers are educated as to why products are relevant, so they shoppers buy more quickly, with greater confidence and are less likely to return purchases.

    Increases Search Efficiency
    Shoppers see most relevant products quickly even if your site has thousands of SKUs.

    Enables Cross-Category Selling
    The Vibe® System enables cross-channel “discovery” browsing that presents relevant products that shoppers never knew they needed.

    Expands Market Reach
    Vibeware’s cross-category methodology also allows you to reach new customers by partnering with other retailers or marketing across cultural or geographic divides.

    Sells to Untrackable Shoppers
    Unlike systems that rely on demographics and buying histories to deliver recommendations, the Vibe® System effectively matches products to those with limited or no buying history.

    Enlists Customers to Market for You
    The Vibe® System invites individuals to gain personal insight on themselves by asking others for opinions on their Vibe (in the world of personality testing, this is called 360 degree or “peer” testing). Shoppers can also get gift recommendations for friends by profiling friends’ Vibes. Through these functions, Vibe taps the power of online community to expand your market reach.

    Increases Purchasing Confidence
    Vibe creates new personal brand insight and knowledge on product value. Such knowledge speeds purchase actions and reduces rate of returns.

    Improves Customer Loyalty
    The Vibe® System’s efficiency, personal insight value and fun discovery environment gives visitors many reasons to return.

    Enhances Your Brand
    Vibe has been positioned as a hip, yet timeless ingredient brand packaged to promote and/or reinvigorate your brand.

    Gathers Unique Data
    The Vibe® System generates unique psycho-graphic and customer behavior data.

    Delivers Unprecedented Recommendation Accuracy
    Unlike systems that use demographics or buying histories to second-guess consumer preferences, Vibe simply asks customers to define the future they want. The result is more accurate profiles and recommendation results.

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